Criteria Considered When Choosing a Species of Fish

If you are a neophyte or hobbyist, you probably faced this difficult stage of choosing the right species of fish. For beginners, don’t just buy fish just for the sake of having something to add to your aquarium. Look into the criteria listed below to avoid headaches in the near future.

angel fish

Survival Rate and/or Resiliency

If you are a beginner, we highly suggest choosing species that have a high survival rate.
Many mistakes will be committed by you in terms of feeding, pH, and temperature. So, choosing species of fish that are resilient must be considered. We are not implying that improper fish care is okay nor condone it. But it is practical to start with tough species of fishes that are easy to maintain.


If you are planning to keep multiple fishes in one aquarium, always consider their temperament or behaviour. There are certain fish types that are territorial. Adding them together with other species of fish will cause chaos. We want them to enjoy harmony as if they are on an Amsterdam tour map. There are also aggressive fishes which may attack other fishes in your tank. Don’t let your aquarium become a war zone.

Feeding Difficulty

yellow fishBefore you jump to rare types of fish, you must know the feeding needs of each species. For beginners, we highly suggest to pet fish that can survive by eating dried pellets. Sensitive species will not be satisfied with pellets alone. You will have to feed them with worms. If you are that person who hates worms, then go for goldfish, catfish, and betta. They are freshwater fishes. They don’ require high maintenance and are not picky when it comes to food.

Colour and Size

Appearance matters off course. As much as possible, we want the colourful species of fishes. They are perfect for aquariums. There are many cheap tropical fishes with flying colours in cheap hotels in Amsterdam. For the size, stick to small fishes. Bigger species of fishes tend to be bullies. But if you want to keep the bigger size of species, it’s much better to put them on a separate tank to avoid chaos.