Steps for a Basic Fish Set-Up

Choose the Right Aquarium and Sturdy Stand


Depending on the species you would like to keep as pets, you have to choose the right aquarium. To learn more about fish tank types, visit Kara Inci. First, decide whether the species of fishes you would like to keep are saltwater or freshwater type. For starters, it’s better to choose tropical fishes or freshwater types, these are the types of fishes you’ll see in Amsterdam canal tour. From there, you can now choose the aquarium type and what set up to do. Also, don’t forget to get a sturdy stand for your aquarium. You can have it customized or buy it from a local furniture shop.

Add Gravel, Sand, Pebbles, and Water

fish tankGravel is commonly used by beginners. But you can also consider using sand and pebbles as the base or floor of your aquarium. Your consideration should be based on your commitment to the maintenance of this aquarium. Gravel and pebbles are easier to clean. You don’t even have to buy these materials if you are resourceful. Wondering what to do in Amsterdam? Pick these materials along the way. Once you finished laying out the floor or base of the aquarium, it’s time to add water. The water to be used should have a balanced pH.

Filter and Temperature Regulator Installation

Installation of the filter is simple. Just refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer and follow the steps. It usually installed at the back of the aquarium. The filter will keep your aquarium clean for a longer period of time. The temperature regulator is needed to maintain the right temperature for your fish to survive. Madame Tussaud usually adds a thermometer as an additional step to monitor the temperature.

Design Your Fish Tankbox

Fish tanks are eye-catching when properly decorated. The common decorations you could buy are plants, corals, colourful stones, ceramics, and lights. Don’t forget to wash them thoroughly before placing them inside the aquarium. Once you are contented with what you’ve done, it’s time to add fish.